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Define Your Style

Whether you are selling now, and want to leverage staging to impress buyers, or you want to maximize the appeal of your living space, designing with style adds value to your home.

Terri’s clients trust her to maximize their budget to achieve the luxurious sense they are looking for, at the best value.

Her true value lies in the system, the sourcing, the industry relationships, and her unwavering dedication to her clients’ satisfaction.

Achieving Luxury. Maximizing Value.

Your greatest investment should bring pure and tranquil balanced homes with
universal luxuries that appeal across geographic and cultural boundaries. 

Leveraging Design For High-Expectation Individuals

While Terri is well known for her record-breaking sales with luxury property transactions, she has also helped clients reimagine more modest properties for improved function and return on interior design. Terri’s multifaceted background allows her to see more options in any given property. Her forward-thinking approach allows her clients to identify and enhance a property’s integrity while reflecting on their lifestyle, meeting their needs, and increasing its value over time.

  • Sue Horowitz | Certified Divorce Coach, Life Transition Coach

    Terri Barnes #Kudos I really appreciate you #GoingAboveAndBeyond in helping us find a wonderful place to live! #thankyou

    Sue Horowitz | Certified Divorce Coach, Life Transition Coach
  • Shawn Alfrey | Associate Director of University Honors Program

    "We worked with Terri Barnes years ago as a designer on the remodel of our house and were thrilled to have her helping us again, this time as a realtor, when we went to sell it. Terri brought all the skills and knowledge she's gained working on the details and practical elements of home design to help us get our house ready, to stage it, publicize it, and show it.

    We were in a hurry, and she was able to marshal her fantastic network to get everything done and the house on the market within a couple of weeks of our first meeting. She oversaw every aspect of the sale and kept us in the loop really well. She was incredibly responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable.

    In Terri we had a tireless advocate who helped us stay positive and do what we needed to do during the move, and her efforts made it possible for us to sell the house we've loved to another family who love it in record time and for a much higher price than we'd expected."

    Shawn Alfrey | Associate Director of University Honors Program

“Terri brought all the skills...”


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