Terri Barnes Bio

Combining All Of Terri’s Experience She Brings Tremendous
Value & Expertise To Her Clients…

Offering a unique and distinctive approach to Real Estate as a Luxury Residential Realtor with 30 years plus of experience helping my clients buy, sell and design and home remodels & new builds.

About Terri: An accomplished and dedicated Realtor and Interior Designer with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years, Terri takes great pride in being a fourth-generation native of Denver, with a wealth of experience in both personal and business ventures that have taken me around the globe. Terri has established herself as a noticeable figure in both the Real Estate a Realtor at Slifer Smith & Frampton and Owner of an Interior Design Firm at TerriBarnes.Com. Her expertise lies in enhancing the appeal, increasing marketability, and elevating the value of homes. Being at the forefront of the Real Estate, Interior Design, and Construction sectors, boasting a substantial track record of professional renowned for her forward-thinking strategies and innovative marketing approaches benefiting sellers, combines her unwavering tech-savvy mindset. Her vast network and wealth of expertise effortlessly encompass luxury and modest homes. Terri’s professional journey and world characterized by continuous growth and hands-on experience, positions her as an eminent authority in the realm of real estate inspections and disclosures.

Expertise: With a vast network and a wealth of expertise, Terri seamlessly caters to both luxury and modest homes. Her professional journey, marked by continuous growth and hands-on experience, establishes her as an eminent authority in the field of real estate inspections and disclosures. Holding certifications such as the Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) and (RENE) Negotiation Expert & Counseling Certified, she remains at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, showcasing her comprehensive skill set brilliantly.

Expert Staging by Terri & Concierge Services: “Terri, the custodian of VIP information, offers an extraordinary lens into the realm of Staging and Interior Merchandising. Her profound insight stems from a robust foundation as an Interior Designer, uniquely attuned to the intricacies of human behavior and lifestyle choices. With a wealth of knowledge in interior design, her core objectives revolve around enhancing a property’s worth, while safeguarding its innate personality. As the driving force behind a flourishing Interior Design Firm, Terri expertly nurtures a myriad of invaluable partnerships spanning trades and construction coupled with a comprehensive suite of Concierge Services.

Military Realtor: My mission is to offer steadfast support to veterans in their home selling, buying, and VA loan processes.

Guidance Through Experience: Having a past and diverse experience in charity, fundraising for Public Education and Private Schools, promoting youth hockey and lacrosse in Colorado, and offering invaluable guidance to parents of school-aged children.

Value and Expertise I Bring to Every Client

  • Client’s will receive knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness, and superior customer service.
  • Known for my notable luxury homes & modest home sales as a Realtor and Consultant.
  • Negotiating and compromising skill set to achieve the best results for clients.
  • Numerous years of established small business expertise as a successful business owner, managing at a fortune 500 company & consulting for Private Businesses & Real Estate properties.
  • My home sales approach enhances the property’s appreciation, integrity, and lifestyle. My forward-thinking approach and marketing produce’s sellers an advantage on the sell side. On the buy side my knowledge guides buyers the ability to prospect and find their dream home.
  • I am a full-service real estate agent offering full-service concierge to assist in the sale or purchase of your home. With years of developing relationships with sub-contractors, suppliers, and services my clients benefit in an expeditious timeline coupled with my project managing skill
  • Award winning interior design for staging/selling, remodels, new construction, creative marketing, and project management. All executed at high level expertise which contributed to the success of numerous real estate sales.
  • I direct, consult on the staging and editing for each home from an Interior Design perspective enhancing all the exterior and interior to achieve highest home value. Every home is unique and deserves the individual attention to maintain and enhance the integrity of the property. I am a highly experienced and successful Realtor®, Interior Designer, Project Manager & Business minded. I bring high Return on Investment to my clients.
  • Having an acute understanding of design and construction which is highly coveted in the home selection and sale process which brings tremendous value to my sellers and buyers
  • Knowledge is key to the success of home sales. Daily I am reviewing Real Estate & Business statistics, analytics, and news through numerous national and local sources.

I have lived and worked in numerous neighborhoods including:

I’d be honored to continue to assist you with your real estate and home design needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell this season! The greatest compliment I can receive is a referral.


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“Terri’s Talent As Both An Interior Designer & Luxe Real Estate Guru Is Rare.”

  • Aaron Auxier | Sports & Celebrity Real Estate Agent


4th Gen Coloradan & Globally Travelled

While one’s passion and purpose is more important than their experience and talent, Terri embodies all of the above. From being a 4th Gen CO native to creating high-value friendships during her global adventures, Terri has received several humbling KUDOS.


Are You Ready To Live The Luxe Life?

Yes, the Denver, Colorado luxury market is full of real estate agents yet fret no more. From custom furnishings and art curation to a true love for helping others, your discovery of Terri Barnes ends your need to further sift through the crowd.

PSA Advisor
Terri is a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certified.
PSA Certified Advisor: Pricing properties, creating CMAs, working with Appraisers.
RENE – Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert