Terri Barnes Bio

Leveraging Interior Design To Real Estate Clients’ Benefit

When it comes to talent, based out of Denver, Colorado, stands Luxury Real Estate Agent and Interior Designer Terri Barnes. Let’s face it, in a Realtor-saturated market, high-expectation property connoisseurs such as yourself often have to sift through the crowd before discovering a true status-quo-exceeding professional, compassionate & authentic.


Combining Her Experience As CEO Of TB Image By Design…

…with her knowledge of Mile High City and Colorado Mountain Resorts’ high-end real estate worlds, Terri Barnes helps her clients achieve incredible results. From spectacular remodels to custom-home new builds, insider developer connections to relentless passion, Terri’s clients enjoy what seems like a hidden world of opulence. And perhaps it is.


“Terri’s Talent As Both An Interior Designer & Luxe Real Estate Guru Is Rare.”

  • Aaron Auxier | Sports & Celebrity Real Estate Agent


4th Gen Coloradan & Globally Travelled

While one’s passion and purpose is more important than their experience and talent, Terri embodies all of the above. From being a 4th Gen CO native to creating high-value friendships during her global adventures, Terri has received several humbling KUDOS.


Are You Ready To Live The Luxe Life?

Yes, the Denver, Colorado luxury market is full of real estate agents yet fret no more. From custom furnishings and art curation to a true love for helping others, your discovery of Terri Barnes ends your need to further sift through the crowd.